The fourth happiest country in the world, where citizenship can be purchased with bitcoins, Vanuatu is a place where you can visit a cannibal village and the currency is the “Vatu” (Japanese: Batsu) not the Thai “Baht” (Baatsu).

So far on the Domain Island Tour, I traveled 40 hours one way to Tuvalu to find out if I could use an iPhone there, and even went to Cyprus and ran around with a questionnaire to find out how many people owned bitcoins.
This time, I heard a rumor that there is a village in the Republic of Vanuatu where people eat human flesh! So, I went to see if that is true.

The ccTLD (country code top level domain) is “.vu”.

The eating of human flesh by other humans is called “Cannibalism”.
Many people know about cannibalism because of the story line of the super popular comic “Tokyo Ghoul” which has sold 37 million copies worldwide, and also because of the movie “Cannibal Holocaust”.

The Republic of Vanuatu is a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu has 83 islands, including the curiously named Erromango Island. The currency is the “Vatu” (Vt, VUV) (Japanese: Batsu). It has nothing to do with the Thai “Baht” (Baatsu), though in Japanese it sounds almost the same. It’s a popular resort island where you can hide away from the world and enjoy nature and the beautiful ocean, as well as traditional culture and customs. Or, is it a place where you have to hide away because the traditional culture and customs include cannibalism…? This is just a bit scary.

Table of Contents
◆Man-eating Village that Francis Xavier may have Visited
◆The Flavor, and How to Cook Human Meat
◆Other Thrilling Spots on Vanuatu
◆Caution! An Over-priced Shop in the Airport
◆The Fourth Happiest Country in the World, Vanuatu, become a Citizen and Purchase your Own Private Island
◆Dreaming of Life on a Private Island with the “.vu” Domain
◆Interesting Things on Vanuatu
◆How to Purchase a SIM Locally & Test the Internet Speed

◆Man-eating Village that Francis Xavier may have Visited

I was informed that the man-eating village is on Rano Island, so from Port Vila Bauerfield Airport on Efate Island, the capital of Vanuatu, I caught a propeller plane to Norsup Airport on Malakula Island.
Since domestic flights often change their departure time, be careful if an e-mail with “Important Information from Air Vanuatu” in the subject line arrives the day before departure. The return flight which was supposed to be in the evening was switched to lunch time.

A cute little plane that can seat about 20 people.

After an hour, I arrive at Norsup Airport. I heard that on days with heavy rain, flights cannot land or take off from this airport.

There are only two huts, but it’s a decent airport.

The staff brought the luggage in the rear car.

A tourist map of Malakula Island at the airport.

There’s a market area behind the airport, but it seems to be empty.

About 15 minutes by car heading north from Norsup Airport, I arrive at the opposite side of Rano Island, my destination.
Here we will switch to a boat and head for Rano Island.

I feel like this boat resembles the one from the river Styx.

Maybe I don’t really want to go to this island? The face of the boatmen is somehow cold and grim.

The boat ride was 7 minutes. Finally, I arrive at Rano Island.
The view is wonderful. It doesn’t feel like a place where people are eaten, but I don’t want to let down my guard.

The guide will lead us to the man-eating village (Amelbati). I’m going to follow this guide very closely.
Wait, but what if the guide is a member of the tribe?… I feel the paranoia creeping up my neck.

Fearful trees surround us. I hope we make it back before dark! My footfalls seem very heavy.

I found a stone monument. It’s a monument to Francis Xavier, I took a photograph in gratitude for the thought that this is the same Xavier that came to Japan. However, after returning home, I checked this out more carefully and actually Xavier did not go to Vanuatu. So, what is this monument? If you look at the picture carefully it might just be old graffiti. The thing sticking out in the middle is also mysterious, I can’t rule out the possibility that this thing might have come from outer space.

Speaking of Xavier, his tonsure style is famous, maybe it happened after a scare from cannibals…

Finally, we arrive in the village of Amelbati.

I see a villager! They do not have washing machines, they draw water from a well and wash things by hand. The red color is not blood.

The children in the village greet me with smiles.
I couldn’t help but hope they weren’t really thinking “Dinner came!”

Going further into the village. I was shown to a place with an alter called Nasara.

There are pillars like totem poles remaining here.

When I walked around, I found a clearing. Long ago, men and women used to live separately on Rano Island, and this where the men used to live.

And then…!!!

I discover human skulls! I was told, “That belongs to someone who was eaten, but you can touch it.”. However, I declined. Before eating, they would dance ceremonial dances before the Nasara (altar) and then eat the human flesh in the evening of that day, then, according to their regulations they had to remain there for 15 days after eating.

On the Malakula Islands, including Rano Island, there were many tribal conflicts, and it seems they ate the captives of enemy tribes as a ceremonial “rite”. The purpose of eating human flesh was not for food, but to capture the power of the enemy tribe.

◆The Flavor, and How to Cook Human Meat

Human flesh doesn’t last long, so much of it was smoked, and as the taste was similar to wild boar, strong-smelling and gamey, it was often eaten with shellfish and other such ingredients. Many seashells were thrown out along with the human bones at the ruins.
Eating human flesh may cause an accumulation of “prion” proteins that affect the structure of nerve tissue in the brain, resulting in diseases that can be fatal without treatment. The Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea used to have a high occurrence of Kuru disease, caused by the custom of funerary cannibalism. Fortunately, there are many other delicious meats to eat, such as beef, poultry or pork, so there is no need to take the risk of eating human meat.

By the way, as for cannibalism in Japan, there is a tale of Nobunaga Oda making Nagamasa Asai’s skull into a cup and drinking alcohol from it, but according to “Shinchoko-ki” (The Biography of Nobunaga ODA), in fact, he only had gold leaf painted onto the skull in order to show it off to everyone. However, according to one record, when Hideyoshi Hashiba attacked Tottori Castle in a military campaign, the resulting starvation and mental fatigue caused the people under siege to fight over corpses.
Let’s go further into Amelbati Village.

A totem pole carving with a pipe.

After walking a while, I arrived at an altar for ancient tribal chiefs. When a tribal chief died, he was buried in the ground up to his neck in the standing position. After 7 days the head was cut off, burned and his bones worshiped on the altar.

Ritual cannibalism was practiced on Rano Island up until the 1960’s, but has now ceased. Approximately 80% of villagers are engaged in agriculture, mainly eating local fruits, coconuts, taro and yam tubers. If you come to this village for sightseeing you will not be eaten, so breathe easy. The people of Amelbati are friendly people who are proud of their culture.

For this trip, South Pacific Tours coordinated all the arrangements. They can handle inquires in Japanese. I recommend doing this kind of sightseeing under the supervision of a guide. However, the guide cannot speak Japanese.

◆Other Thrilling Spots on Vanuatu

1. The Birthplace of Bungy Jumping
Pentecost island of Vanuatu has a kind of land-diving which is the origin of bungy jumping. Bungy jumping is often thought of as a “Coming of age ritual” or a “Test of bravery” but actually it is a ritual to celebrate the yam harvest and is held in April to June every year.

2. Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island
Mount Yasur is famous as the world’s most frequently approached active volcano. If you go to the top, you can see explosions of bright red lava spewing out. It is said to be the most beautiful between 17:30 and 18:00 when the sun begins to sink.

There are other active volcanoes in Vanuatu, the eruption of Manaro Volcano occurred on July 26, 2018, and delayed flights from Fiji to Japan. In addition, the idea of “Vanuatu’s Law”, that an earthquake will occur in Japan after an earthquake occurs in Vanuatu, has become a hot topic, some feel that the Hokkaido Earthquake of September 6, 2018, was an example of this.

◆Caution! An Over-priced Shop in the Airport

Please look at this shop on the far left of the waiting room for boarding international flights.

The kindly lady who runs the shop sells items at twice the price of other stores in the airport.
• 500 ml can of cola 300 vatu (about 300 yen) / other stores: 160 vatu (about 160 yen)
• Potato chips 400 vatu (about 400 yen) / other stores: 200 vatu (about 200 yen)
Even though you think all the prices will be the same in the same airport, don’t forget to check before buying!

◆The Fourth Happiest Country in the World, Vanuatu, become a Citizen and Purchase your Own Private Island

According to the Happy Planet Index of the UK think tank “New Economics Foundation” (NEF), Vanuatu is the world’s fourth happiest country when evaluating the following items, “Life satisfaction”, “Longevity”, and “Concern for the Environment.” In addition, as part of fiscal rebuilding measures, they have started selling honorary citizenship rights.
The price for citizenship is 165,000 dollars (about 18.5 million yen), but this may seem like a small amount for permanent residence in the fourth happiest country in the world! Click here for details on how to purchase honorary citizenship.

Although it was rumored that citizenship could be purchased with bitcoins, the Vanuatu office for citizenship is currently denying this claim.

Vanuatu sells not only citizenship, but also private islands. I guess this is not unexpected as Vanuatu is composed of about 83 islands.
Rather than buying a super expensive condo in Tokyo, those who have plenty of money can purchase a private island in Vanuatu and spend their old age in luxury (though these islands are pretty much uninhabited.)

◆Dreaming of Life on a Private Island with the “.vu” Domain

It is hard to maintain an unspoiled uninhabited island by yourself, but how about enjoying tropical life in a hotel or a rental house already built on a private island? If you surf hotel or real estate sites using the “.vu” domain for Vanuatu, your expectations will grow.


Vanuatu, which used to have cannibalistic rituals, is now a very safe South Pacific destination.

Every year many Japanese tourists are visiting Vanuatu to experience the year round calm climate, beautiful nature and ocean, and good security.
A visa for Vanuatu is not necessary if you are staying less than 30 days for sightseeing.
How about a tropical vacation to one of Vanuatu’s private islands?

Click here for how to visit Vanuatu

◆Interesting Things on Vanuatu

  • A French gentlemen I met on Rano Island
    Anticipating that there would be no restaurants, he put couscous in a plastic bottle. To eat, he cut the pet bottle in half and used the halves as dishes. He must be an experienced traveler.

  • The popular Chinese restaurant “Golden Port Restaurant & Hotel”
    I came to investigate cannibalism, but of course there are many delicious restaurants on Vanuatu. The taxi driver in Port Vila, Efate Island, sent me to the Golden Port Restaurant & Hotel for lunch time.

You can relax in a comfortable restaurant overlooking the vast ocean.

Yakisoba, 1180 vatu (about 1,180 yen), Hong Kong style fried soba with thin noodles, salty or sour. Stir-fried beef, 1480 vatu (about 1,480 yen) the beef is soft and I had a good appetite.

Although it’s fun to eat local cuisine, Chinese food is familiar wherever you go and is rarely bad, so I recommended it when you are abroad and don’t know what to eat.

  • Coconut crab
    At the entrance to the Golden Port Restaurant & Hotel, I found a cage holding coconut crabs. On the islands of the Pacific, this crab is a kind of high-class ingredient, often boiled or steamed like lobster. In Japan, you can eat this same kind in Miyakojima.

◆How to Purchase a SIM Locally & Test the Internet Speed

I brought the overseas WiFi router Glocalme, but I couldn’t use it in Vanuatu. I recommend purchasing the local SIM. You can purchase a SIM from the company “Digicel” at the Port Vila Bauerfield Airport. As soon as you pass customs and immigration, it will be on the left.

SIM plans of 500 MB were selling for 2000 vatu (about 2,000 yen). Rest assured, you can ask the staff to help you set up the SIM.

I checked the internet speed at was a standard speed of 5.9 Mbps.

■Places I visited during this Domain Island Tour.

Click here for how to visit Vanuatu

■For Vanuatu Domain “.vu” Click Here

Cyprus, the birth place of “Kypria” (Cypria) and where Bitcoins Reign Supreme?

The 8th stop on the “Domain Island Tour” is Cyprus. The ccTLD (country code top level domain) for Cyprus is ““.

◆Where is Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, along the coast of the Anatolian Peninsula of Syria. It is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sicily and Sardinia.

Table of Contents

◆The Birth Place of “Kypria” (Cypria)

◆Discovering the Waiting Room of the Strongest of Humanity in RPG; Gladiators

◆Investigating the Popularity of Bitcoin in Cyprus

◆Crossing the Green Line Separating Cyprus and North Cyprus

◆Finding Counterfeit Luxury Goods While on a Stroll in Northern Cyprus

◆Interesting Things on Cyprus

◆How to Purchase a SIM Locally and Testing Internet Speed

◆Finding the “” Domain Around Town

The island of Cyprus is divided into two parts, in the south, Cyprus (the Republic of Cyprus), and in the north, Northern Cyprus (the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus). The ccTLD (country code top level domain) for Cyprus is “”, but as Northern Cyprus has no country code, a ccTLD is not assigned. Travelling around Cyprus, famous for Bitcoins, and Northern Cyprus, about which very little is known.

◆The Birth Place of “Kypria” (Cypria)

First, for a bit of sightseeing on Cyprus, I go to the must-see Petra tou Romiou coastline. Known all over the world, according to legend this is the birthplace of Aphrodite (also known as Venus), the goddess of love and beauty. In addition to the name Venus, Aphrodite is also called “Cypria.”

At 5:30 in the morning, I start driving towards “Aphrodite’s Rock”.

At 6:00, I park the car in the parking lot opposite the coast, and walk to the coast. There is a restaurant by the parking lot, but it’s not open yet. The public washrooms are to the right, facing the restaurant. They were open.

The walkway heading to the coast.

A small stone tunnel just before arriving at the coast.

Here we are. This is Aphrodite’s Rock. This was the exact spot where Venus was born. I thought it would be sandy, but it’s a pebbly beach. A place where the sea is so beautiful and people can enjoy swimming, it’s usually very crowded with tourists. As it was early morning, there was only one group of tourists besides us.

They say that if you find a heart-shaped pebble on this beach all your dreams about love will come true. But I couldn’t find any heart-shaped pebble. It seems that those who want all their love dreams to come true write messages on the stones or make messages with the stones. There were even stones that expressed love for pets. This is a power spot for love.

There are handkerchiefs and plastic bags etc. tied to the tree branches. It looks messy, but maybe it’s to “bind up a wish.”

Another name for Aphrodite is “Cypria”, and this reminded me of the “Legendary Warrior: PreCure” (pronounced Purikyua in Japanese). PreCure is a combination of “Pretty” and “Cure.” Some Japanese people claim that the name of PreCure comes from Cypria (Kypria), but this has officially been denied.

◆Discovering the Waiting Room of the Strongest of Humanity in RPG; Gladiators

Located in the southwestern part of Cyprus, the ruins of the ancient city “Kourion” are situated on an elegant hill where you can see the ruins of Hellenistic times, Roman times and early Christian times. The entry fee is 4.50 euros.

After passing the ticket office, you immediately come to the Roman amphitheater (The Theater.) This theater was built in the 2nd century BC and collapsed in an earthquake in the 1st century. Later, it was rebuilt between the 2nd half of the 1st century and the 2nd century.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

In an area furthest from the Theater, I discovered the waiting room for the strongest of humanity in RPG (role playing game); Gladiators (The House of the Gladiators). Here is a mosaic that depicts battle scenes of Gladiators. The ruins have been given a roof to protect this mosaic.

There are 11 sites in the ruins of Kourion and it takes about an hour and a half to see them all. This day was sunny. It was very hot. I recommend bringing a drink.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Investigating the Popularity of Bitcoin in Cyprus

It was the financial crisis of Cyprus in March 2013 that made the name Bitcoin known to the world. To gain support from the EU when Cyprus fell into a financial crisis, the government of Cyprus decided to levy a 9.9% tax on all deposits of its citizens. However, deposits of the decentralized Bitcoins could not be taxed, therefore, many citizens of Cyprus purchased bitcoins in order to protect their assets. (※CNN BUSINESS)

As our company loves making questionnaires, (see our past questionnaire on Japanese idols “JapanExpo” (Paris) we decided to make a questionnaire to find out how many people in Cyprus own bitcoins. First, I asked the two ladies at the front desk of the Hotel.

Next, two ladies working as clerks in an eyewear shop. They happily let me take a picture of them with the Pikachu gum I gave them in thanks for filling out the questionnaire. However, all four of these ladies didn’t own any bitcoins. Maybe they are too young?

I took the questionnaires to Ledra Street and walked around to the different shops, there are restaurants, fast food places, clothing shops, souvenir shops etc. Ledra Street is the main street of the capital Nicosia.

There were plenty of shops for “Otaku” (geeks).

And some street stalls.

An IQOS shop in an alley off Ledra Street. In Cyprus its ok to smoke e-cigarette.

There was a shop selling loofahs off another side street. Huge!

The price for the one on the far left is 4.80 euro.

As Cyprus has many ethnic Greeks, they sell many items with symbols of ancient Greek knowledge, like these small owls etc.

The cute owl tote bag is 7 euros.

The cute cat tote bag is 1.95 euros. Ledra Street and its alleys contain many fun places to shop.

I got hungry so I went to an Italian restaurant, “il forno”.

I ordered quattro stagioni (12.60 euros) and coffee (3 euros).

I asked the waiter if he owned bitcoins. “I don’t have any, please give me some!” he answered back. This waiter told me that during the financial crisis, bitcoins, which at the time had little value, were distributed for free on Ledra Street. I found that hard to believe. No matter how many times I asked, he said “it’s true!” The quattro stagioni was lightly seasoned compared to in Japan and very delicious.

Once my stomach was full I went back to the questionnaire. I found three pleasant gentlemen playing backgammon on an open terrace. Maybe they’ve kept their wealth by buying bitcoins and are now enjoying a life of leisure? “Bitcoins? We don’t own any.”

In the end, I asked a total of 23 people, but not one of them had any bitcoins. Though, if they did own some, they might not want to admit it to a strange Japanese man who turned up and suddenly started asking questions.

Crossing the Green Line Separating Cyprus and North Cyprus

If you head north on Ledra Street, you will find a green line that separates Cyprus from Northern Cyprus. This is a buffer zone (ceasefire line), drawn by the United Nations in 1974 to stop the conflict between the Greek residents of southern Cyprus and the Turkish inhabitants of Northern Cyprus who were seeking separation and independence.

Before the border checkpoint, there is a monument to commemorate the end of the conflict.

You cannot bring animals over the green line.

It’s time to cross the green line. I present my passport at the border checkpoint of Cyprus. I am allowed to pass without any delay. I leave Cyprus.

I enter the green line zone. From here to the border checkpoint of Northern Cyprus there’s about 100 meters that belongs to neither country. There are buildings, but no one lives in them.

What’s that? A cat! Among all animals, it seems that only cats are allowed to live in the green line zone and travel freely between the two countries.

Now, I’m entering Northern Cyprus. People waiting for inspection at the border checkpoint.

“It is forbidden to travel with cash exceeding €10,000!” “Send money using the banks” it says. It seems that checking people’s cash is the reason it takes time. Still, it seems nice of them to mention it before crossing the green line…

There was quite a line-up, but it moved smoothly and no-one seemed nervous. The passports are not stamped with any entry or exit stamps. And no one was checking cash. It seemed more like the ticket counter of a theme park. I entered Northern Cyprus on foot without any problems.

Finding Counterfeit Luxury Goods While on a Stroll in Northern Cyprus

There is no ccTLD for Northern Cyprus, which is not acknowledged by nations other than Turkey. In Northern Cyprus, they are using “” which is a second level domain of the “.tr” assigned to Turkey. So, I’m going to explore Lefkoşa (the Turkish name for Nicosia), the capital of Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus belongs to Turkey, but you can use euros without any problem.

Walking towards the Selimiye Mosque, a famous sightseeing spot of Northern Cyprus, I spotted many shops selling fake brand items. There were many ordinary shops and restaurants too, and I was surprised that the shops selling fake brand items seemed very high end.

The man running this shop says “Japanese people are smart and their ancestors were samurai so I’m afraid to make you angry”.

Finally, I arrived at the Selimiye Mosque, all the while shocked at the hordes of fake brand items sold in Northern Cyprus. It used to be called the Cathedral of Saint Sophia. The largest gothic church left on Cyprus is being put to a different use. The red flag on the left represents the Republic of Turkey, and the flag on the right represents the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Within the mosque it seems that a “Whirling Dervish Performance” is about to start, this kind of dance originates in Turkey. If I miss it, I doubt I will get another opportunity, so I decided to go in and watch. The entry fee is 7 euros.

The performance begins. The two men are just spinning. There are brief intervals, but immediately, without missing a step, they start spinning again. For about 30 minutes they do nothing but spin around. If you watch them your eyes will start spinning too.

With my eyes going around so much I started getting hungry. Speaking of Turkey, Kebabs. I found a kebab restaurant with an open terrace near the mosque called “f.kelebek papillio”.

An alley with a roof made of umbrellas. The shops on the other side have no people.

As the restaurant seem to be popular with humans and non-humans alike, I decided to go in.

I ordered a kebab, fries, salad, nan and rice set, called ‘karışık döner’ for 6 euros and a cola (1.5 euro). In Northern Cyprus it’s not “COLA” but “KOLA”. And beer is called “BIRA”. Its 3 euros.

Some cats are hanging out under the table.

Is it ok to give food to the cats? Glancing at other customers, they seem to be handing out kebabs without hesitation. Alright then! And… just sincerely wanting to take a picture of the cats, I held out the kebabs to them, and they battered my hands and scratched me. They were not intentionally naughty, but they are half feral and their claws very sharp. Fortunately, my wounds healed without gangrene, but next time I’ll keep in mind that its safer to put the food on the ground rather than in my hands. Other customers placed it on the ground.

Next, I head to the largest Caravansary (Caravan Inn) in Cyprus, the Büyük Han. Our captain (president) who likes RPG said “You must stay at a Caravansary otherwise your HP (health point) and MP (magic point) won’t recover. I arrive at the entrance.

Going in feels like entering a movie set. This is said to be the most beautiful building on Cyprus. It has recently been renovated and includes souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes etc.

Post from RICOH THETA. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

selling handmade crafts.

Six postcards on sale for 1 euro.

These seem to be “vintage” items. On the subject of postcards, they used to be a staple souvenir, but now few people buy them.

The most interesting thing about Büyük Han was the fortress in the center. I have seen it in RPG. I want to try going inside.

I couldn’t go inside, but I could peek inside from outside. I was wondering if the landlord used to keep an eye on the entire Caravansary from here.

In recent years Northern Cyprus is considered a safe city filled with tourists, however, there are deserted areas with half ruined buildings which if you wander into you will soon feel unsafe.

As Northern Cyprus is not recognized as a country, the Japanese government has no diplomatic relations with it, and there is no Japanese Embassy. As well, please note that there is no Japanese embassy in Cyprus either because the Japanese embassy for Greece is in Athens.

Interesting Things on Cyprus

It’s getting dark, and since the HP and MP of the captain of our troops has recovered, I will return to Cyprus. Leaving Northern Cyprus and re-entering Cyprus. I repeat the routine in reverse to return to Cyprus. This is a castle wall from the old city area. The total length is about 5 km.

A monument for ΔΩΡΟΣ ΛΟΙΖΟΥ (Doros Loizou). (※place。Mr. Doros Loizou, who is not so famous in Japan, is a politician from Nicosia born in 1944. On August 30th, 1974, when he was a leader of the Social Democratic Party, he was murdered by an armed group. Besides political activities, he also translated foreign literature and wrote his own poetry collection. After his death, this poetry collection was translated and published in Greek and English.

Bet on Alfa” is a sports betting shop licensed by Cypriot National Gaming Association that currently has 66 branches in Cyprus. Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, cricket, rugby, snooker, American football, Formula One, World Cup, European Football Championship etc. are available for making bets. Strangely, you can even bet on the Eurovision song contest.

How to Purchase a SIM Locally and Testing Internet Speed

You can buy a SIM at a kiosk just outside the gate at Larnaka International Airport.

The communications company is MTN. The cheapest price is 15 euros. If you ask the clerk, he / she will activate the prepaid SIM card, enable the internet package, take care of all settings etc.

The result of the speed test was 13 Mbps.

Although Wi-Fi rental services for going overseas are on the rise, some areas are still not covered. In that case, consider purchasing SIM locally.

Finding the “” Domain Around Town

Various places use the “” domain, restaurants, event venues, schools, retail stores etc.

Asian cuisine in Nicosia called “bamboo”. You can eat sushi here. (
A ticket sales site, for plays and concerts.
A site for finding stores on Cyprus. They also have a lot of information about discount coupons.
A vocational school for aviation / travel.
An accessory shop.


For how to get to Cyprus, Click here

For Domain details, Click here