Saint Lucia; Easy Access Casinos and Nintendo’ Popularity

After flying 40 hours one-way to get to Tuvalu, and searching for Maltese dogs in Malta, the 11th stop on the Domain Island Tour is Saint Lucia. The ccTLD (country code top level domain) for Saint Lucia is “.lc”, often used for “Limited Company”. All dollar notations in the article are East Caribbean Dollars (XCD).

◆Where is Saint Lucia?

Saint Lucia is located in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean Sea. It also a member of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom.

<<Table of Contents>>
◆Friday’s Weekly Festival
◆No ID Required? ! Sneaking into a Casino that looks like a Video Arcade
◆Nintendo’s Popularity in Saint Lucia
◆Best to Make a Reservation for the “Central Bakery”
◆The Two Airports of Saint Lucia
◆How to Purchase a SIM & Test the Internet Speed
◆I Can’t Find the “.lc” Domain


◆Friday’s Weekly Festival

My flight from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to Saint Lucia only took 25 minutes. I arrived at the George F. L. Charles Airport which is the closest one to Castries, the capital of Saint Lucia.
This small airport has a car rental desk and a taxi stand. I couldn’t find any place to buy a local SIM.

Today is Friday. I head for the Gros Islet area, where there is a street party every Friday night.
Dauphin Street in Gros Islet is lit up with lights like a festival.

There aren’t any people yet.

Walking down the street a little, I see the tents of the street stalls. Maybe because it’s held every week its less crowded than I expected, and easy to walk around.

Deep-fried flying fish called “Tobiuo” are laid out for sale. I bought deep-fried bread with tuna inside. It tTastes like a Japanese tuna sandwich. The price is $5 (about 200 yen).

A line seems to be forming here. Since whatever it is must be popular, I decide to line-up too.

There are all kinds of dishes, from side dishes like deep-fried eggplant and chickpeas, to main dishes made of chicken or seafood.

I had lobster and grilled chicken leg (thigh). When you purchase something, you can eat it inside the stall tent.

The price of the lobster was $50 (about 2,000 yen). It smells delicious after being parboiled and then seared. Is this the usual street stall price? I feel it’s a bit expensive. Note that the price varies depending on the size.

Chicken leg with a spicy sauce is $30 (about 1,200 yen). Whether you like it or not, the meals always seem come with a fork sticking out.

Now that it’s getting later, more people are arriving. Street stalls selling alcoholic beverages are also beginning to liven up.

There’s a local beer here inspired by a famous landmark on Saint Lucia called the “Pitons.” The name of the beer is also “Piton.” The flavor is a little like Corona Extra, but it seems the locals drink it straight from the bottle without adding any lime. The price is $6 (about 240 yen).

In the Caribbean region, considered the birthplace of rum, fruit juice and rum punch are also very popular. I thought it would be cool if the waiter shook it up for me after ordering, but it came already mixed. I guess they are so busy shaking and making cocktails. The price is $10 (about 400 yen).

Hand-made crafts are also for sale. They look like they would make nice souvenirs. The street party is over by 1 o’clock in the morning.

◆ No ID Required? ! Sneaking into a Casino that looks like a Video Arcade

The “Baywalk Mall” shopping center in Rodney Bay. The size of this mall is like an AEON MALL in Japan.
The parking lot was crowded and the cars line up waiting for a space.

Once you go inside the building, you see the shops all in a row like a shopping street.
It’s cute and colorful.

And, there’s a casino in this shopping mall.

Open for business from 11 am to 1 am, and admission free. Only for those 18 years old or older. There are age restrictions, and for the most part tourists are required to present their passports as identification.
However, I was not asked for proof of identification, and I was able to go in.

Located over the first and second floor of the two-story shopping mall, the casino is quite large.
The slot machines are the old-style kind. You can use US dollars too. A kind of back up if all your East Caribbean dollars are gone.

◆Nintendo’ Popularity in Saint Lucia

I discovered an Internet Cafe at the Blue Coral Mall in the capital city, Castries. If this were Tokyo, this area would be like Ginza. The area is full of specialty shops.

This is TIBBS TECH SOLUTIONS, which runs an internet cafe. They also offer PC repairs and printing services.
15 minutes can be purchased for $ 3 (about 120 yen).

I measured the speed in the same way I do for a SIM, its 3.9Mbps. It may not be suitable for watching videos, etc., but its ok for searching and checking your emails.

As I leave the shop, some familiar characters catch my eye. It seems like you can play video games in this shop.

Some young people seem to be playing enthusiastically.

I decided to try Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch. The fee is $ 2.50 (about 100 yen) for 15 minutes.

The clerk has a stopwatch he gets ready. He actually let me have 5 extra minutes, for 20 minutes of play time.
When you start playing, they hit the stopwatch.

So, Mario Kart is fun, no matter where in the world you are. Immune to the clerk’s sardonic smile, I was absorbed by the race.

You can buy some snacks and beverages inside the store. You can even buy game consoles. This may in fact be the town electronics shop. I enjoyed passing 20 minutes in the great company of Nintendo and Mario.

Here’s the mall food court. There’s only one Chinese restaurant, what kind of food should I eat? It’s not a difficult choice.

Fried rice, practically a staple of the Domain Island Tour, and sweet and sour chicken. The fried rice is like a barley rice, not really suitable for frying.
The delicious looking but not delicious tasting fried rice cost $ 19 (approximately 770 yen). I can’t say I recommend it.

◆Best to Make a Reservation for the “Central Bakery”

The capital, Castries, is a bustling place full of tourists.

There are lots of bright clothes and straw hats for sale.

Alongside the shops, there were outdoor street stalls selling vegetables and clothing.

It looks like these are all the shoes belonging to the staff, but apparently this is a shoe store!

I saw many ladies flocking to a particular shop so I decided to check it out, they were all picking up and looking at wigs. Is this a “must” of Caribbean fashion?

About 5 minutes’ walk from the market, I found a bakery. It’s called the Central Bakery.

Half empty display cases. There are almost no products. It must be a popular store with incessant customers.

If you make a reservation, they can make your favorite color bread. I did not make a reservation, but purchased the two types of bread that were left.

The first one is a muffin. It cost $ 2 (about 80 yen). The crumb is firm like a scone, moderately sweet, with blueberries added in. It seems good for breakfast.

The second is like a pound cake, I bought it because it looked so good. It also cost $ 2 (about 80 yen). As per usual,
it was very sweet, and a bit of a struggle to get it all down.

Near the bakery is the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the largest basilica in Saint Lucia.

The interior of the basilica was intricately decorated, it is a very beautiful church. The atmosphere seems different from other cathedrals. The stained glass on the roof and windows is also lovely.

As of 2019, it was still being restored, but please visit anyways when you come to Castries. Click here for the view with the 360° camera.

The minor basilica of the immaculate conception (Saint Lucia) – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

◆The Two Airports of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has two airports. The George F.L. Charles Airport, which is close to the capital and has frequent flights to and from neighboring countries, and the Hewanorra International Airport which mainly has flights to and from the non-Caribbean region. When I searched a route from Castries to Hewanorra International Airport, I found out it takes over an hour by car.

I could see Dennery Bay and the North Atlantic Ocean on my way to the airport. It’s not like the Caribbean Sea, but it’s still very beautiful.

I finally arrive at Hewanorra International Airport.

After passing through customs and the security gate, the food court and departure terminal were crowded.

Looking at the flight departure and arrival board, the congestion starts to make sense. There are many major airlines with flights to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

“jetBlue” is a major airline in the Caribbean, with flights to downtown New York and elsewhere.

◆ How to Purchase a SIM & Test the Internet Speed

In Saint Lucia, communication companies “FLOW” and “Digicel” seem to be popular.

So, first of all FLOW. The store clerk activated the SIM for me. I bought a plan of 300 MB for 3 days.
The price was $ 10 (about 400 yen).

Although it wasn’t really great, it was usable without major problems. I measured the speed on the test site and it was 71kbps.

Next up, Degicel, which I am already familiar with from Oceania

The store clerk activated this SIM too. I bought a plan of 300 MB for 1 days. The price was $ 15 (about 600 yen).
I measure the speed of this one too.

It’s 5.3Mbps. This one wasn’t really great either, but I could use it around town without problems.

◆I Can’t Find the “.lc” Domain

Around the city, I searched for “.lc”, the ccTLD of Saint Lucia.
I discover a real-estate agent using “.lc” However, the company website uses “.com”.

I would have liked to find one more, but the domain name “” I found being used was for e-mail only and provided by the local internet service provider.
On the Domain Island Tour, I always like to find out how the local domain is used in the area, but unfortunately this time I couldn’t find another “.lc” domain.

Although I couldn’t find it around town, “.lc” is being used by government agencies on Saint Lucia, by pizza places, real estate agents, and by other countries for various services.

=List of Places Visited=

■For access to Saint Luciaclick here

■For “.lc” Domain detailsclick here

Are there really no Maltese dogs in the Maltese Islands?

The Maltese Islands are the birthplace of the Maltese dog, an adorable creature with gorgeous eyelashes and pure white fluffy hair like a stuffed animal. Do the islanders of Malta love Maltese dogs and is it a sort of Maltese dog heaven? Hmm, searching the net reveals little information on Maltese dogs in Malta. They are not mentioned at all in the guide book. On the tenth trip of the Domain Island Tour, I visited Malta to check the situation of the Maltese dogs there. The ccTLDs (country code top level domain) for Malta are “.mt”, and “”.

<<Table of Contents>>
◆Cat Village!? I Went to See “Cat Village”
◆Asking the Maltese People “Which Dog do you Like Best?”
◆At Long Last, a Maltese Dog
◆If You Think this is Just a Resort Area, You are Much Mistaken! Malta, a Leader in Cryptocurrency
◆Interesting Things on Malta
◆How to Purchase a SIM & Test the Internet Speed
◆Similarities between the “.mt” domain and Maltese dogs

The Republic of Malta is located in the south of Italy, in the Mediterranean Sea, it has a temperate climate and the people of Europe like to vacation in Malta.

Cat Village!? I Went to See “Cat Village”

Although small dogs called “Maltese” originated in the Republic of Malta, it is full of cats and now very famous as a “Cat Island.” Some tourists come to see the cats. On the map of Malta, there is even a place called the “Cat Village”. Is Malta a cat place not a dog place? Since there is no information about Maltese dogs, I went to the Cat Village.

A sign for Cat Village. Will the Cat Village be surrounded by, and full of cats? Sounds irresistible.

Cat Village. I am welcomed by a cat sitting on a scooter bike.

There are plenty of stuffed animals, it’s like a fairy tale. However, I cannot find enough cats to call it a village …. Wait a minute, maybe they are all just out doing cat errands.

There seem to be more people than cats.

Finally found some! Aww, pretty cute ☆ blending in with the other people handing out treats, I also pass out popular treats from Japan.

Yummy kitty

That looks so yummy, kitty

Hey, sneaky kitty

With the number of cats so few, I was wondering if this could really be called a Cat Village? but actually it functions as a shelter and there is a sign asking for money and food.

Cats can be seen everywhere on Malta, in fact, there are about 700,000 cats living there, more than the human population.
If you like cats, this is an island you must visit at least once.

Asking the Maltese People “Which Dog do you Like Best?”

“Do you know of any Maltese dogs here on Malta?” I asked local dog owners. Also, to find out the present status of the Maltese dog in Malta, I showed them pictures of Toy poodles, Maltese, Akita dogs, and Golden Retrievers in order to find out which dog people like best.

Local people who cooperated with this survey.

A friendly family in Malta also helped out.

A gallant German shepherd. Dog lovers having a tea together.

Here are the survey results. Rather than the little Maltese dog, big dogs were popular… The Japanese Akita and the Golden Retriever were tied in first place. Maybe this is due to influence of the world-renowned Alina Zagitova? As a Japanese person, I’m happy. Or is it because on Malta, these dogs are even more rare than the Maltese dog? Well, I couldn’t get any information on anyone keeping Maltese dogs.

Next, when I asked at the hotel if there are pet shops that sell Maltese dogs, they told me that there are places that sell pet food, but no places that sell dogs. Pet shops on Malta are places that care for animals and look for foster homes for them. I found a pet shop called the MSPCA but they are only open every Wednesday. Besides that, they told me the sad fact that there are no Maltese breeders on Malta.

At Long Last, a Maltese Dog

The next day, I went out by bus to renew my investigation, I chose the morning walk time to catch dog owners, but I had a hard time finding a Maltese dog. Other kinds of dogs going for walks.

Where did you come from doggy?

Doggy likes the wind

A tired doggy…

After about 5 hours of walking I finally found a small white dog.

It had just come out for a walk. A Maltese dog kept by an elegant lady.

His name is Max.

Unfortunately, he comes from Serbia and not from Malta.
In the end I only met this one Maltese dog. Currently there seems to be very few people with Maltese dogs on Malta Island.

If You Think this is Just a Resort Area, You are Much Mistaken! Malta, a Leader in Cryptocurrency

Close to Europe, with beautiful nature and a temperate Mediterranean climate, Malta is popular as a luxury resort. Many tourists visit from Japan, some for their honeymoon, others as exchange students. If you search the net for Malta, only sightseeing information will appear on the top page. However, many cryptocurrency-related companies have moved to Malta recently.

This is why:

①It’s a country that encourages the use of cryptocurrency

②They have progressive laws that are favorable to cryptocurrency

③With low tax rates Malta is a kind of tax haven, and it has a preferential tax system for foreigners.

Especially since the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) started regulating these things, it’s quite well known that the biggest crypto exchange company “Binance” left Hong Kong and moved to Malta. Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat posted some heated tweets after the opening of Binance’s Malta office.

Incidentally, a Maltese lady journalist who was investigating allegations of slush funds around Prime Minister Muscat, was killed when a bomb exploded in her car while she was driving in northern Malta.
This was also a hot topic in Malta.

(※AFPBB News


Views near Hilton Hotel

Descending to the bottom it seems like a theme park.

Descending to the bottom it seems like a theme park. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


<blockquote data-width=”500″ data-height=”375″ class=”ricoh-theta-spherical-image” >Descending to the bottom it seems like a theme park. #theta360 – <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Spherical Image – RICOH THETA</a></blockquote>

<script async src=”” charset=”utf-8″></script>


The harbor is full of pleasure boats costing over 30 million yen. Are they owned by rich people who made profits from cryptocurrency?

A real estate company has a lot of expensive property information posted. Payment is in bitcoins only, and it seems a condo in the capital city of Valletta is selling for about 400 million yen.(※Coin Choice)。

◆ Interesting Things on Malta

  • Maltese Cuisine

・The Number 1 Food Recommended by the Malta Tourism Authority is “Sea Urchin”

Here are the “10 Foods You Must Eat” if you come to Malta, according to the Malta Tourism Authority. Number 1. is “sea urchin.” How could I not eat the food recommend as Number 1 by the Tourism Authority?!

I ordered sea urchin pasta (16.50 €) at the Il Ponte Restaurant. The sea urchin sauce was rich and flavorful.

Actually, I went to some restaurants where you could get sea urchin, according to the restaurant guide provided by the Malta Tourism Authority, only to be told that it was no longer on the menu. You need to be careful about trusting information on the internet these days.

・Calamari fritto

If you come to Malta, I recommend the seafood. Especially, please try the calamari fritto (squid: 15 €).

・Rabbit dishes

Speaking of Maltese’s specialties, there’s rabbit… For Japanese people, this seems a bit cruel, but in fact, there are a lot of countries that eat rabbit. Tastes like chicken.


Stuffed beef rolls stewed with vegetables with tomato sauce.

・ Maltese bread

It often comes complimentary with your meal. Eaten with a mixture of olive oil, salt pepper and balsamic vinegar.

・Aperol (oranges and herbs blended into a sparkling liqueur)

・Cisk Lager Beer (beer with low alcohol content, 4.2%)


Called “The Ideal City of the Renaissance” Valletta is a beautiful fortified city registered as a World Heritage Site. Build by the Knights Hospitaller, the buildings are made of honey colored limestone.

Night view of World Heritage Valletta.


The streets of Valletta also had cats.

◆How to Purchase a SIM & Test the Internet Speed

There is a Vodafone shop in the Malta International Airport, so you can purchase local SIM. It was 20€ for 2GB.

Rest assured, you can ask the staff to help you set up the SIM.


I checked the internet speed at The speed was 15Mbps and I could use the internet without any problem.


◆Similarities between the “.mt” domain and Maltese dogs

The country code domains for Malta are “.mt”, and “”. I searched for them in town. Bus tickets Bicycle rental company One of the top 15 most spectacular theaters in the world. Clothing company

On the other hand, many were using the word “malta” in a second level domain name, like

Contrary to my expectations, and like the Maltese dog, I could not find the Maltese country domain “.mt” much in Malta.

The “.mt” domain is an uncommon domain that the Maltese people do not use much, but because it is a country-specific domain, it is best for operating websites and e-mail addresses related to Malta. As long as people keep using “.com” in the character string, the “.mt” domain may still be available.

Click here for how to visit Malta

■For the Malta Domain “.mt” click here

■For the Malta Domain “” click here